feeling good

2017-07-08 19:06:19 by VrickG-Animated

If depression is fucked up and so am I5924661_149955515382_fear.png


2017-04-07 20:40:26 by VrickG-Animated

5924661_149161178592_Capture.jpgHey! I have an upcoming animation woohoo! Its comedy-ish action so it should be fun. I'm done with the story and animatics that I made within 3 days. This is a 1 month challenge that I gave to my self... I don't know wat to say anymore lol

Something something?

2017-03-25 06:39:16 by VrickG-Animated

So anyway, I'm gonna leave my current school to a new school so that I can have more time for art and to be more active :) My school is pretty a time sucker, it won't give us time to breathe, and it's freaking annoying! I want this year to practice more on animation and to explore more with my passion. so yah...


2016-10-14 23:04:59 by VrickG-Animated

5924661_147650053311_Me150pi.pngSomething Newbie... I'm practising some cool stuff here and guess what? DIGITAL ART with a mouse -_- Btw this is me in Adventure time art style :)

My First Post Here In Newgrounds!

2016-06-19 03:44:46 by VrickG-Animated

5924661_146632204913_12.03.12.jpgThis is me 1yr ago... BUT HEY THIS IS MY VERY FIRST POST HERE IN NEWGROUNDS! :D And i really enjoy seeing everyone creations here, its so much fun!